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          Continuous Research
            Honizon Chemical Co.,Ltd is a technological innovative enterprise.It has one vibrant, high-quality, young and professional R&D team,At the same time,we employ specialist,joint technology development in the filed of concrete admixtures and cement grinding aids all the year round.And we invite the professors from Chinese Academy of Sciences,Tianjin University,Railway lnstitue and other institutions from higher education as our academic advisor to ensure foresight of technology.Now,the company has a patent of invention and a number of proprietary technology.
            Horizon Chemical Co.,Ltd always camied concept"only when there is innovation,there is more competitive" and invest a lot of money every year for technological research and development.lt will provide energy and power for the companys sustainable development.All this is designed to provide you with the most professional technical services.


          海森化工 科研实验室

          海森化工 科研实验室

          海森化工 科研实验室